Jazzhipster founded by Mr. Jazz in New Taipei City since 1981. In the beginning the market focus in Taiwan to sell the home theater, microphone products. In 1983, Walkman was the trend in personal entertainment. Mr. Jazz self-invented speaker build in with amplifier and DSP sold to Taiwan and south Asia countries. With 3 years’ experience to selling to international market customer feedback with high quality and best value products. Jazz started to establish the international market department intended to explore the world wild market. Since JazzHipster starts up honesty, technology, quality are the key strategy to stay for the long term business.

As the market change, consumer shopping behavior become variety. Jazzhipster took the trend from Walkman speaker to PC multi-media speaker market. Following the trend Jazz is in the manufacturing leader for Apple docking speaker, smartphone notebook ,Bluetooth speaker, Soundbar ,DAB,DAB+ and WiFi speaker. Further to the 2017 Jazzhipster launch smart cloud speaker. For passing over 30 years Jazzhipster served top tier branding company. Why we can continuously in the audio industry? The main reasons are Continuous technical updates, quality assurance and customer service.

In the future Jazzhiper will keep upgrade in the technology and integrate with embedded system. In the trend of IOT, Jazzhipster wants to create the product not just an audio But also the smart speaker with cloud service which needed by every household with emotion connected in their daily life.